Nakuru Nursing Home (NNH) is a Level 4 hospital located in Nakuru Town, Nakuru Town East Constituency, Nakuru County, Kenya in East Africa. The scope of complex cases especially in Maternal Care and Critical Care at NNH has made us a regional center for referrals, research, education and patient care. We boast of one of the best Intensive Care Units (ICU) within Nakuru County (currently hosting 7 (No) bed capacity) and with our upcoming expansion, shall be the only hospital in the region with an ICU bed capacity of 22 (No) beds.

In 2018, Nakuru Nursing Home (NNH) was accredited Center of Excellence status by the Tunza Family Health Network (East Africa). We have strived to maintain, uphold and better our service delivery and shall continue to do so.

Our Major Essentials represent our central priorities as a Leading Healthcare Center:

Innovation | Compassionate & Caring | Patient Centered Care | Environments | Operational Excellence | Partnerships | People & Culture | Quality & Safety | Technology | Team Work | Collaboration | Respect | Diversity | Leadership

To learn more about where we’re going and how we’re getting there, read our 2018-23 Strategic Plan.

Governance – A board of 7 members govern NNH.

Funding – Primary funding for NNH comes from the outpatient and inpatient clients’ treatment fees. Other funding sources include grants and donations from individuals and corporations.


To provide high-quality health care by rendering the best health care services and programs that enhance professionalism hence restoring and promoting good health with available resources.


To be the leading private health care provider in the region and to avail high quality, accessible and affordable health care to the community, therefore, elevating their health status.

Core Values

Quality- At Nakuru Nursing & Maternity Home, we strive to deliver excellent and affordable health care services while continuously working to make them better for everyone.

Caring- We hold on to the belief that everyone who comes to us should be treated with maximum respect and empathy.

Integrity – It’s our goal to always be honest, reliable, transparent and consistent in our approach.

Friendly – We’ve taken it upon us to advance a culture that is ever welcoming, warm and remarkably responsive.

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Customer Service Delivery Charter.
Dr. James Labron

Dr. James Labron is Head of the Cardiovascular Department overseeing Complex Surgeries.

Dr. James Labron (Cardiovascular Surgeon)

Dr. Jecinta Cindy

Dr. Jecinta Cindy (MD) is head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

Dr. Jecinta Cindy (MD) Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Lotus Cassy

Dr. Lotus Cassy (MD) Pediatrics is head of the Pediatrics Department.

Dr. Lotus Cassy (MD) Pediatrics Department

Dr. Johnson Maliemo (MD)

Dr. Johnson Maliemo (MD) is head of the Dental Department.

Dr. Johnson Maliemo (MD) Dental Department

Dr. Cecily Katrina J. (Surgeon)

Dr. Cecily Katrina J. (Surgeon) is the head of the Neurosurgery Department.

Dr. Cecily Katrina J. (Surgeon) Neurosurgery

Dr. Mbarire Joseph (MD)

Dr. Mbarire Joseph (MD) is head of the Critical Care Department.

Dr. Mbarire Joseph (MD) Critical Care